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Content about Perforation

Vol. 3 No. 1 : 2013 - Reetinder C et al.

Ascriasis is a common infection in underdeveloped and developing countries and usually detected incidentally on evaluation of nonspecific pain abdomen. Complications related to ascariasis occur mainly due to heavy worm load. We here report a rare case, in which a single live ascaris worm had caused jejunal perforation.  

Vol. 3 No. 1 : 2013 - Ashwani K et al.

Typhoid and intestinal infestation with parasites are common and may co-exist especially in the tropics. Their synergistic acute abdominal presentation is rare. We here report a 38-year-old male who presented with complaints suggestive of enteric fever and signs of peritonitis. Following baseline investigations, laparotomy was performed which proved to be a surgical surprise. A live tape worm was seen pouting out of the terminal ileal perforation. The clinical presentation and the stringent attention to preventive measures are discussed.