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Vitrectomy for tuberculosis
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of the right eye at presentation showing retinitis at the superonasal area and vasculitis. The optic disc is swollen and hyperaemic with a macular star.
Case series of vitrectomy for breakthrough bleeding in age related macular degeneration
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of the right eye of Patient 6 showing Exudative AMD involving the right fundus as evidenced by subretinal hard exudation and haemorrhagic pigment epithelial detachment
Pneumatic retinopexy - importance of case selection
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of right eye showing retinal detachment with macula-off.
Late bleb-related endophthalmitis following cataract extraction
Figure 1: Thin cystic wound bleb in the left eye.
Fig1: Florid anterior segment iris neovascularisation (INV)