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Physics behind corneal foreign body injuries
Sub-omohyoid course of external jugular vein
Figure 1: Superficial dissection of the right side head and neck. Superficial dissection of the right side neck showing the external jugular vein (EJV), which is a continuation of the undivided retromandibular vein (not seen in the figure).  Facial vein (FV) in the submandibular region joined with submental vein (SMV) and finally terminated in internal jugular vein (IJV). (SCM: sternocleidomastoid muscle; PG: parotid gland; PD: parotid duct).
Intra-Vesicle Foreign Body
Figure 1: (a) Rectal perforation seen via proctoscopy at 12 o’clock position (b) Intraperitoenal contrast leak from bladder