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Case reports

Any interesting case study highlighting new facts or diagnostic challenge may be submitted. It should have maximum of 1500 words with a maximum of 15 references. A maximum of TWO figures, TWO tables may be allowed
Vitrectomy for tuberculosis
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of the right eye at presentation showing retinitis at the superonasal area and vasculitis. The optic disc is swollen and hyperaemic with a macular star.
Sub-brachialis course of median nerve
Figure 1: Dissection of front of the right arm: Formation of median nerve trunk (MN) from lateral root (LRM) and medial root (MRM) of median nerve and its relation with brachial artery (BA) is shown. CB: Coracobrachialis, BB: Biceps brachii, BR: Brachialis, MCN: Musculocutaneous nerve, CBLC: communicating branch from lateral cord of brachial plexus.
Retrobulbar haemorrhage secondary to orbital varix
Figure 1: Plain CT scan brain and orbit showing right hyperdense collection located in the intraconal and extraconal space of posterolateral aspect of right orbit.
Replaced right hepatic artery and triplet right renal vein
Figure 1: Dissection of the upper part of the abdominal cavity showing the branches of the coeliac trunk and origin of right hepatic artery from the superior mesenteric artery. Left kidney has been removed. (SMA; superior mesenteric artery, RHA; right hepatic artery, CT; coeliac trunk, SA; splenic artery, CHA; common hepatic artery, RHA; right hepatic artery, GDA; gastroduodenal artery, LGA;  left gastric artery, LRA; left renal arteries, IVC; inferior vena cava, RK;  right kidney)
Muscular tunnel by pronator teres muscle for ulnar artery and median nerve in the lower arm
Figure1: Brachial artery (Ba) is divided into Radial (Ra) and Ulnar arteries (Ua) in the lower end of the arm itself. Then the Ulnar artery and the Median nerve (Mn) passes through a tunnel formed by the extensive additional humeral head of the pronator teres muscle (aHh-PT).  A fibromuscular tunnel formed by the humeral head of the Pronator teres was found arising from the medial intermuscular septum (M-IMS) and also from the fibrous arch form the shaft of the humerus to the medial intermuscula
Gastric Outlet Obstruction Due to Gall Bladder Ascariasis
Figure 1: A) USG showing mass at gall bladder fossa B) CECT scan showing worm ball at gall bladder fossa causing extrinsic compression of antrum of stomach.
Emergency treatment for bleeding cervical cancer
Eccrine Spiradenoma: An Uncommon Breast Tumour
Figure 1: Ultrasonography image of the left breast lump.
Bilateral ossified pterygospinous ligament
Figure 1: Showing the Right side complete ossified pterygospinous ligament. PSF-Pterygospinous Foramen; OPL-Ossified Pterygospinous Ligament; LPL-Lateral Pterygoid Lamina, FOV-Foramen ovale.
Intraparotid termination of facial vein