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An Unusual Intra-Vesicle Foreign Body Following Fall off a Tropical Fruit Tree

Case reports


Penetrating injuries to bladder occur in 20 % of cases. Synchronous bladder and rectal perforation occur in 30-64 % of  cases.  The  management  of  rectal  and  bladder  injuries  depend  on  whether  it is an  extra-peritoneal  or  intra- peritoneal injury. We  hereby,  report a case of penetrating trauma in a 13 year old boy who fell off a tropical fruit (Rambutan - Nephelium lappaceum) tree. He sustained an extra-peritoneal rectal injury with intra-peritoneal bladder injury.  The  rectal  injury  was  repaired  primarily  via per  anal  route  while  the  bladder  injury  needed  an  open  repair following laparotomy. Upon removal of bladder clots, a leaf of the ‘Rambutan’ tree was found intra-vesically. It was removed and bladder repaired as per standard method.  We review the literature on rare intra-vesicle foreign bodies and discuss the treatment of synchronous rectal and bladder injuries.