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Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Nulliparous


Objective: Pelvic organ prolapse amongst nullipara is infrequently reported. Childbirth has been associated with pelvic organ prolapse. The aim of this study was to describe the demographic features of nulliparous women with POP and to look into the management of POP in nulliparous women. 


Methodology: This is a retrospective study in Hospital Kuala Lumpur from 1st Sept 2006 to 31st May 2018. All patients with a minimum of a Grade 2 POP were recruited. Demographic data and management plans were retrieved from patients’ notes.


Results: A total of 47 patients were recruited. The average age was 55.0 + 14.4.  There were 12 Malays, 7 Chinese, 34 Indians and 4 others. There was 1 pregnancy following management with a ring pessary and Manchester repair. Thirteen patients underwent surgery, 22 were managed with ring pessaries and 18 underwent pelvic floor exercises. Amongst the patients who had surgeries; 10 had hysterectomies and 2 had Manchester repairs.


Conclusion: POP in nulliparous is not rare. The management of POP is case dependent and must take into account the patient’s age and her fertility wishes.