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Clinical Submission of Supernumerary Head of Adductor Brevis Muscle

Case reports


Adductor  brevis  is  an  important  member  of  the  adductor  family  occupying  the  medial  compartment  of  the  thigh executing  the  function  of  adduction  and  medial  rotation.  Deviations  from  normal  anatomy  are  unusual  and  rarely reported.  A  survey  of  anatomical  archives  revealed  occasional  mention  of  additional  bellies  of  adductor  brevis muscle. The present study reports a double belly of adductor brevis muscle (AB) found during a cadaveric dissection class  for  medical  students.  The  left  sided  AB  displayed  two  bellies  disposed  in  the  same  plane.  This  case  report attempts to present the clinical applications of supernumerary bellies of this important adductor muscle of the thigh. It is feasible to categorize these muscular variations upon specialized radiological procedures such as CT and MRI scans only if the radiologist possesses satisfactory understanding of variant anatomy of this region.  It is thereafter inferred  that  upon  recognition  these  muscles  present  a  fair  chance  of  being  of  utilitised  in  reconstructions.  A biomechanical overview of the present anomaly is also attempted.