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Scope of the journal

The journal is publish twice in a year in the month of April and October. The journal has free online open access and no charges are levied for publication.

The journal welcomes all articles confining human and animal studies from all parts of the world in the field of surgery and the allied surgical disciplines like urosurgery, gastro-hepatobiliary surgery, colorectal surgery, cardiothoracic, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, thyroid and breast surgery, endocrine surgery, dermatologic surgery, ophthalmology surgery, otorhinolaryngology surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology surgery, anaesthesiology, orthopaedic surgery, paediatric surgery, clinical anatomy, radiology, plastic surgery, musculoskeletal surgery etc.

Manuscripts are reviewed in a blinded manner by at least two independent reviewers/ experts in the field. The usual review period is within 4-8 weeks. Manuscripts which do comply to the author's instructions are rejected immediately. Authors who wish to extend their review period are requested to contact the editor for special permission. Proof copies which are not corrected within stipulated time of 48 hrs are withdrawn from the future issue.

The Editorial board reserves the right to welcome or decline any such article according to its individual merit and it cannot be challenged. Plagiarism is a serious offence and all matters related to plagiarism would be strictly dealt with.