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Bilateral variant testicular artery
Figure 1: Dissected specimen (right side) showing common origin of testicular artery (TA) above renal artery (RA) and inferior suprarenal artery (ISR). Left side specimen showing testicular artery (TA) springs from lower pre-hilar branch (ISA) of renal artery.
Bilateral unusual variant of sternalis and pectoralis muscles
Figure  1:  Sm-sternalis  muscle;  Pm-  pectoralis  major muscle;  EO-aponeurosis  of  right  external  oblique  muscle; A-common  aponeurotic  band  of  sternales;  B- sternocleidomastoid muscle.
Fig  1:  Photograph  of  adductor  region  of  the  left side showing the following: G-Gracilis  muscle;  S-  Sartorius  muscle;  P- Pectineus muscle; AL-  Adductor Longus muscle; AB1-  Adductor  brevis;  AB2-  Accessory  belly  of adductor brevis; FN- Femoral nerve; FA- Femoral artery;  *-  Branch  of  femoral  nerve  to  the accessory belly.