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Optic foramen anatomy
Figure 1: CT scan figure depicting optic foramen
Morphometric asymmetry of atlas
Morphometry of human sacral hiatus
Figure 1: Dorsal aspect of sacrum showing various parameters of the sacral hiatus taken. ( I - Length of sacral hiatus; ---  - Width of sacral hiatus)
Biometrics of psoas minor muscle
Figure 1: Unilateral psoas minor muscle on right side (T-Tendon of Psoas minor; M-muscle belly of Psoas minor. PMa- Psoas major muscle)
The transverse ligament of knee-anatomical study
Figure 1: Schematic diagram of superior aspect of the left tibia showing the intracapsular ligaments of the knee joint (asterisk-transverse ligament, ACL- the anterior cruciate ligament, PCL- the posterior cruciate ligament, MM- the medial meniscus, LM- the lateral meniscus)