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Median nerve

Sub-brachialis course of median nerve
Figure 1: Dissection of front of the right arm: Formation of median nerve trunk (MN) from lateral root (LRM) and medial root (MRM) of median nerve and its relation with brachial artery (BA) is shown. CB: Coracobrachialis, BB: Biceps brachii, BR: Brachialis, MCN: Musculocutaneous nerve, CBLC: communicating branch from lateral cord of brachial plexus.
Giant lipoma of forearm causing median nerve compression
Figure 1: The tumour seen occupying the intermuscular plane of forearm on MRI.
Brachial vein between two lateral roots of median nerve
Figure 1:  Dissected right axilla showing formation of median nerve by three roots and the brachial vein (*) passing between two lateral roots of the median nerve. (BB–biceps brachii; Cb–coracobrachialis; MCN–musculocutaneous nerve; LC–lateral cord; LRM1–upper lateral root of median nerve; LRM2–lower lateral root of median nerve;MC–medial cord;MRM–medial root of median nerve;MN–median nerve;UN–ulnar nerve;AA–axillary artery;AV–axillary vein;MCF–medial cutaneous nerve of forearm;*–brachial vein
Brachial artery and median nerve entrapment
Figure 1: Dissection of left upper limb showing the entrapment of brachial artery (BA) and median nerve (MN) within the brachialis muscle. (ME – medial epicondyle; RA – radial artery; UA – ulnar artery)
Subscapular arterial entrapment
Figure 1: Dissection of the axilla and the proximal part of the arm. (AA – axillary artery; BA – brachial artery; SSA – subscapular artery; MN – median nerve; UN – ulnar nerve; CT – common arterial trunk dividing into three branches; BRN – branches of radial nerve; PBA – profunda brachii artery; MB – muscular branch; SUCA – superior ulnar collateral artery; LTN – long thoracic nerve)
Bilateral variation of musculocutaneous nerve
Figure 1: Right side of Arm showing Cb: Coracobrachialis, Bb: Biceps brachii, Bh: Brachialis, Mn: Median nerve, Ncb: Nerve to coracobrachialis, Nbb: Nerve to Biceps brachii, Lcnf: Lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm.