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Brachial artery and median nerve entrapment
Figure 1: Dissection of left upper limb showing the entrapment of brachial artery (BA) and median nerve (MN) within the brachialis muscle. (ME – medial epicondyle; RA – radial artery; UA – ulnar artery)
Accessory abductor digiti minimi
Figure 1: Figure showing right ADM accessorious. (FCR- flexor carpi radialis; PL- Palmaris longus; FR- flexor retinaculum; AH- accessory head of abductor digiti minimi; FCU- flexor carpi ulnaris; DF-FA- deep fascia of forearm; UA- ulnar artery; UN- ulnar nerve; ADM- abductor digiti minimi; FDM- flexor digiti minimi; PB- Palmaris brevis)
Abnormal muscle in the popliteal fossa
Figure 1: Dissection of the left popliteal fossa showing the additional muscle. (BF–biceps femoris; SM–semimembranosus; TN–tibial nerve; ST–semitendinosus; CPN–common peroneal nerve; LHG–lateral head of gastrocnemius; AM–additional muscle; MHG–medial head of gastrocnemius; SN–sural nerve).