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Higher bifurcation of brachial artery with abnormal superficial palmar arch
Figure 1: Showing the high origin of superficial ulnar artery. SUA: Superficial Ulnar artery; BA: Brachial artery; RA: Radial artery; CIA: Common Interosseous Artery.
High origin of ulnar artery
Figure  1:  Dissection  of  the  front  of  the  arm  showing  the high  origin  of  superficial  ulnar  artery  (SUA)  from  the brachial artery (BrA). Median nerve (MN) and biceps brachii muscle  (BB)  are  pushed  laterally  to  expose  the  vessels. (MCV-  Median  cubital  vein,  BiA-  Bicipital  aponeurosis, BV- Basilic vein)