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Original articles

Confined to research either in basic or clinical science. It should have maximum of 5000 words with a maximum of 30 references. A maximum of FOUR figures/illustrations and FOUR tables may be allowed for such articles
Case series of vitrectomy for breakthrough bleeding in age related macular degeneration
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of the right eye of Patient 6 showing Exudative AMD involving the right fundus as evidenced by subretinal hard exudation and haemorrhagic pigment epithelial detachment
Sedation: dexmedetomidine versus propofol
Prognostic relevance of severity scoring systems of acute pancreatitis
Comparative study on wound irrigation
Intraoperative PEA conversion to ECCE
Figure 1: Best corrected visual acuity at three months post operatively (NPL: No perception of light, PL: Perception of light, HM: Hand motion, CF: Counting fingers)
Vitamin E in management of SIRS
Figure 1: Pre and post-intervention results of sepsis parameters (PCT, CRP and WBC) and oxidative stress parameter (8-OHdG/Creatinine), data are expressed as mean ± SD with significant statistical analysis *p<0.05 and **p<0.001.
Oxygen desaturation during CS under RA
Figure 1: Changes in mean arterial pressure (MAP) following neuraxial blockade in obese and non-obese groups
IVS palpation vs ultrasound in the obese
Figure 1:  The ultrasound estimation of the intervertebral distance using SonositeTM (M Turbo 2008-01, USA) showing the vertebral spines at L3-L4 vertebrae
Optic foramen anatomy
Figure 1: CT scan figure depicting optic foramen
SSF-Malaysian’s Experience