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Original articles

Confined to research either in basic or clinical science. It should have maximum of 5000 words with a maximum of 30 references. A maximum of FOUR figures/illustrations and FOUR tables may be allowed for such articles
Case series of vitrectomy for breakthrough bleeding in age related macular degeneration
Figure 1: Fundus photograph of the right eye of Patient 6 showing Exudative AMD involving the right fundus as evidenced by subretinal hard exudation and haemorrhagic pigment epithelial detachment
Sedation: dexmedetomidine versus propofol
Prognostic relevance of severity scoring systems of acute pancreatitis
Comparative study on wound irrigation
Relationship of Femur to the Lengths of Forearm Plus Hand
MgSO4 and Esmolol During Laryngoscopy
Figure 1: Changes of mean SBP (mmHg) over time (mins). (LTI- laryngoscopy & tracheal intubation, *p < 0.05 when intergroup comparison was made).
Intraoperative PEA conversion to ECCE
Figure 1: Best corrected visual acuity at three months post operatively (NPL: No perception of light, PL: Perception of light, HM: Hand motion, CF: Counting fingers)
Vitamin E in management of SIRS
Figure 1: Pre and post-intervention results of sepsis parameters (PCT, CRP and WBC) and oxidative stress parameter (8-OHdG/Creatinine), data are expressed as mean ± SD with significant statistical analysis *p<0.05 and **p<0.001.
Oxygen desaturation during CS under RA
Figure 1: Changes in mean arterial pressure (MAP) following neuraxial blockade in obese and non-obese groups
IVS palpation vs ultrasound in the obese
Figure 1:  The ultrasound estimation of the intervertebral distance using SonositeTM (M Turbo 2008-01, USA) showing the vertebral spines at L3-L4 vertebrae