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An Unilateral Rectus Sternalis Muscle: It`s Clinical Significance

Case reports


Knowledge  concerning  the  variations  of  chest  wall  musculature  is  imperative  for  Surgeons,  Radiologists  and Anatomists.  Rectus  sternalis  is a  variant  chest  wall  muscle  found  in  the  anterior  thoracic  wall  along  the  side  of sternum. The presence of this muscle may be mistaken for tumor on mammogram, and causes implications during mastectomy, implant reconstruction surgeries of mammary gland and may necessitate modifying the approach during mammoplasty. The early detection of this variant muscle is necessary for assessing proper dissection planes in breast surgeries and radiological examination. Hereby,  we report a case of  unilateral rectus  sternalis  muscle. The  muscle originated from the fascia covering external oblique muscle inserted in to the sternum at the manubrio sternal joint; the muscle belly was 10 cm in length and 1.5 cm in width.