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The Role of Computed Tomography (CT) Scan in Assessment of the Parametrial Involvement in Early Stage Cervical Carcinoma

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This retrospective study is aimed at evaluating the role of CT scan in predicting parametrium involvement in early stage of cervical carcinoma. It was conducted in a Gynaecologic Oncology Centre, Hospital Alor Star from January 2004 till December 2008. All patients with operable stage I and II cervical cancer had pelvic CT scan for evaluation of  parametrium  involvement  before  undergoing  radical  hysterectomy  and  pelvic  lymphadenectomy.  Parametrial streakiness or presence of infiltration suggested local invasion. Following radical hysterectomy, the specimens sent for  histological  confirmation  and  the  correlation  between  the  CT  scan  finding  and  the  histopathology  result  was studied. The result revealed a total of 104 patients with operable stage cervical carcinoma had pelvic CT scan. The sensitivity and the specificity of CT scan in assessing parametrial involvement was 33.3% and 84.8%, respectively. In conclusion, CT scan had high specificity but low sensitivity in determining parametrial involvement in early stage of  cervical  cancer.  Hence,  routine  preoperative  pelvic  CT  scan  has  a  limited  role  in assessing  parametrial involvement in early stage cervical carcinoma.