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Chest Wall Stretching Exercise as an Adjunct Modality in Post Operative Pulmonary Management

Case reports


Emphysematous pyelonephritis is a form of infection of the kidney. Chest physiotherapy was executed on a 15-year- old  girl  who  had  complications  such  as  secretion  retention  and  pleural  effusion  following  percutaneous  pigtail nephrostomy in addition to oxygen therapy and medical management to promote respiratory functions. The processes to  increase  chest  wall  mobility  includes  particular  passive  stretching  and  mobilization.  Chest  mobility  exercises composed  of  an  intercostal  stretch  on  a  determined  intercostal  space  using  index  fingers,  thoracic  rotation  and anterior  compression  with  stretching  in  sitting  position  to  improve  respiratory  functions.  These  exercises  were suggested to the patient as a regular daily treatment along with low-level incentive spirometry breathing exercises. Following 9th sessions of treatment patient demonstrated satisfactory improvement by means of increasing in chest expansion  and  reduction  in dyspnea  level  without  using  supplemental  oxygen.  The  results  expressed  a  substantial clinical improvement in reduction of dyspnea level and improvement in chest expansion.