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Case Quiz

Clinical quiz of the month

A  60-year-lady  complained  of  abdominal  discomfort and  discharge  from  the  umbilicus  for  the  past  1 month.  There  was  occasional  haematuria  and mucusuria.  However,  there  was  no  frequency  or dysuria.  On  examination,  she  was  cachexic  but  vital  signs were  stable.  She  was  afebrile.  The  abdomen  was mildly  distended  and  there  was  a  vague  suprapubic mass  which  was  mildly  tender.  There  was  serous discharge seen at the umbilicus.  

A CT scan of the abdomen/pelvis was performed (See figures).

Having read the above case, answer the following:
1. What is your final diagnosis?
2. What is the embryological aspect involved with this condition?
3. What is the management for this lady?