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Bilateral Unusual Variant of Sternalis Muscle

Case reports


There  is a  need  to  record  and  discuss  unusual  anatomical  variants  with  the  advent  of  complex  diagnostic  and therapeutic tools as these variants could present a challenge to the radiologist or surgeon in arriving at a diagnosis. The sternalis  muscle  has been  widely reviewed and  studied since 17th  century. It can be easily overlooked during breast  surgery  and  may  often  cause diagnostic  dilemma  on  mammography  or  CT  scans.  We  hereby,  report  an unusual  bilateral  sternalis  along  with  bilateral  variations  in  pectoralis  major  muscles.  Although  sternalis  has  no known  functional  role,  its presence  has  surgical  implications  during  breast  implant  reconstruction  surgery  and  in radiation therapy in breast carcinoma cases.