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Agenesis of Distal Segment of Right Vertebral Artery: A Case Report

Case reports


A case is being reported in which the basilar artery was formed only by the left vertebral artery. This was detected incidentally in a female on a non contrast magnetic resonance angiogram. The right vertebral artery arose as a direct branch of the right subclavian artery but terminated blindly at the level of second cervical vertebra. The left vertebral artery  which  contributed  to  the  formation  of  basilar  artery  continued  as  left  posterior  cerebral  artery  while  right posterior  cerebral  artery  was  seen  as  a  continuation  of  right  posterior  communicating  artery.  The  knowledge  of variations of the vertebrobasilar arterial complex is important to Clinicians, Radiologists and Surgeons operating on the great vessels and its branches, particularly vascular surgeons dealing with vertebral artery in order to prevent a vascular catastrophe.